Mochar Chop/ Chops made of Banana Florets

It is probably in Bengal only that an entire tree, that is all parts of the tree are eaten. Banana tree happens to be a pretty favored tree, the various parts of which are eaten with relish.
Mocha as is called in Bengali are Banana florets or blossoms. There are various recipes that are eaten with this, but I am in this recipe going to talk about fried chops made from Banana florets. These are best eaten on vegetarian days or as savouries with tea and coffee.


· Banana florets

· Boiled potatoes

· Besan or gram flour

· Cumin powder

· Ginger paste

· Red chili powder

· Garam masala

· Bay leaves

· Salt

· Oil


· Pressure cook the chopped florets with salt in it.

· Now squeeze out the excess water and smash these florets as much as you can.

· Heat oil in your kadai or wok.

· Add bay leaf , ginger paste, Cumin powder  (which has been soaked in water at least for 5 minutes),red chili powder, turmeric powder, sugar and fry them till the oil separates.

· Now add the smashed banana florets and fry properly.

· Add garam masala.

· Now for the covering, add besan and salt to your smashed potato and divide them into small equal portions.

· Make small cups from these, fill them with the banana flower filling,

· Close the cups, give them a shape you desire

· Deep fry them in oil.

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