Muri Makha (puffed rice concoction) By Nandini Chakravarty

As Independence Day nears, I always look for special ways to teach my son to respect his roots. No, that is not a single day job — I am at it all the year round — but special days deserve special treatment; and the 71st Independence day, that is round the corner, is surely one such occasion. I have been planning to surprise my son with a very desi yet tasty breakfast for that occasion. But to please my foodie son, I have to be very particular; and hence planned a trial run. The preparations were all made. Just arranged for the deco-spread on the table. Mummy shall earn some special brownie points for sure 🙂 You too give it a try to introduce the desi flavors at home. — Nandini Chakravarty


Nandini Chakravarty started her career in shipping, did an MBA while working, secured a silver medal from ministry of commerce. Changed the sides of the table and joined a Star Export House, heading Logistics, the only woman employee in the whole company. Later was also into International Marketing. After working for 18 years at a stretch, she now prefers to stay at home to spend some quality time with her son.


Muri Makha Ingredients
1. Muri (puffed rice)
2. Green and reddish alu bhaja (potato chips home style)
3. One papri



Green Potato chips –
  • You need — Potato, White oil, Dhania (cilantro) & Pudina (mint) pata (leaves)
  • Slice potato in thin strips (long or round is on you). Mix a little salt with it and keep it for some time. This will make the potato lose its water and be crispy after deep fry.
  • Make a paste of the dhania and pudina pata in mixie.
  • Now take the salted potato slices, mix some amount of the dhania and pudina pata. Deep fry them in white oil. Keep aside after removing from oil and absorbing the excess oil.


Yellow potato chips – 

Similar process just use some turmeric and mirchi powder for the yellow-red colour before frying. For a more authentic saffron colour, you may use food colour — but I refrain from chemical colours in my kitchen.


Bringing it all together –

In a flat bottom bowl, layer one by one the yellowish chips, the white puffed rice, and then the green coloured chips. Top it with a papri and design spokes on it with ketchup to create an impression of the Ashoka Chakra.

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