Steamed (Red) Banana by Nisupta Bhattacharya

Nisupta Bhattacharya is an entrepreneur. She is the power behind the online boutique AngaChaya. In her own words — Last 3 years it has been a constant effort to reverse my pre-diabetic stage. With thyroid issues, things had got tougher, until a friend pushed me to also work on my fitness. My mom had a recent cardiac arrest which lead to lot of eye opening facts. Weight being one major role which plays a important part especially with Kidney patients. In search for healthy meal options, Internet sent my way — Red Bananas! These are rich in protein and make lovely snack substitute.

Red Bananas (You may use other varieties of banana too)
Grated Coconut
Cardamom Powder
Powdered nuts of your choice (almonds, pistachios, cashew)
Cut the ends of the red bananas.
Steam them either in microwave for 7 mins, or boil to one whistle in a cooker.
Remove the peel and place on a plate/ in a bowl.
Garnish them with fresh grated coconut & cardamom powder.
You can also add fresh nut powder. Filling & an apt breakfast substitute.
Notes from BitebyByte:
If you are ready for a cheat day, you may fork the bananas a little after steaming. Drizzle in warm ghee along with powdered sugar and cardamom powder. Let it rest for a couple of minutes for the bananas to absorb the flavours. Now you can go ahead and add the grated coconut and nut powder, and serve warm.

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