Mutton Jahaji/ Jahazi Korma/ Qorma By Manzilat Fatima

Bakra Eid is a time when we have over supply of goat meat and no matter how saturated one feels with the non-veg overdose, you keep cooking meat, changing the recipe for variety. I have few such mutton dishes to cook annually following Bakra Eid. Today I cooked Jahaj(z)i Mutton Qorma/ Korma. I learnt this from my gorgeous freind Katy Farokh ‘s post in a food page in October 2014  —  6 years later I’m still cooking this and loving it too! I can say it again, one of the best recipes I have learnt on Facebook. Although my friend keeps humbly suggesting that it is not an original recipe by her, but it is because of her that I tasted this awesome fare. Thank you so much dear and FYI I have never tried this in Chicken and I wonder if you ever tried it in Mutton — It doesn’t matter which meat but the dish is delicious and wait till I make a vegetarian version of this. Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun?!



Manzilat Fatima is a Foodpreneur, Pop Up Specialist, Royal Family’s Awadhi Cuisine Curator, Winner of Best Home Chef Award FBAI 2018. Apart from being a wonderful cook famed for her biryani and kebabs, is a very loving person and a dear friend.





1 medium chicken
3 nos Onions
1 inch ginger
6 nos red chilli
2 nos tomatoes
8 nos almonds
6 nos cashews (I used roasted peanuts)
1 tbsp poppy seeds
4 no cloves
2 pcs cinnamon
3 nos cardamoms
2 tbsp khoya
2 pinches saffron
1/2 cup water
3 tbsp ghee
salt per taste


1. Slice onions and fry till crisp ( I caramelised them)
2. Blanch and chop tomatoes ( I used canned )
3. Grind almonds, poppy seeds, ginger-garlic, cardamoms, cashews( peanuts) cinnamon and red chillies.
4. Soak saffron in 1/2 cup water and keep aside.
5. Heat ghee and add the ground masala and fry till ghee separates.
6. Add chopped tomatoes and fry slightly
7. Add chicken pieces, onions, and salt.
8. fry till ghee separates and add water.
9. When nearly done add saffron and crumbed mawa (khoya)
10. garnish with coriander or chopped chillies.

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