Shorshe Beans/ Beans cooked in Mustard Paste by Nisupta Bhattacharya


Nisupta Bhattacharya is an entrepreneur. She is the power behind the online boutique AngaChaya


In her quest for developing a healthy lifestyle with home-made nutritious food, she started cooking varieties on a regular basis. BiteByByte has always been in her thoughts, and she always remembered to share her experiments with us.



  • beans
  • mustard oil
  • black onion seeds (Kalonji)
  • bay leaf
  • salt
  • turmeric
  • coconut
  • mustard seeds
  • poppy seeds
  • green chillies
  • ginger



  • Cut beans in long big pieces.
  • In a kadhai add mustard oil.
  • Add black onion seeds (Kalonji) & bay leaf.
  • Add the beans & stir well.
  • Add salt & turmeric.
  • Stir & cover it in low flame.
  • Grind together coconut, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, green chillies & ginger.
  • Once the beans is cooked, add the paste, mix well.
  • Then add very little water & leave covered in low flame for another 5 mins.
  • Remove from heat and allow a little standing time. It’s ready to be served with hot rice.

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