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Bite By Byte

I love to cook and like to experiment with my cooking. Bite By Byte is a collection of recipes that I have curated and tried over the years. I hope you will have fun trying them out as I did.

Happy cooking!





Disclaimer: Please note that I have always cooked for the love of cooking! These are informal curation of recipes. Do not expect scientific precision of measurements; or professional photography (our food looks just as it would in your kitchen at home). I believe that cooking is an art. But I am always open to discussion whenever you may need help or further elucidation. Till then, keep cooking up a storm and send me pictures or write to us in our Facebook page! And speaking of Social Media, we are in Instagram and Twitter too — do follow!

Please Note: When I started documenting recipes, I did not have a plan of organizing them and make a website. Hence, never cared to photograph each time I cooked. Not to mention the fact that my family members get impatient if I keep them waiting to click pictures. Hence SOME IMAGES ARE COURTESY GOOGLE. I have tried my best to seek permission and/or to give credit wherever possible, though. If anyone has any objections about any image, please communicate, and it shall be taken down immediately, or if agreed upon, then shared with appropriate credit line. I believe in sharing. Do you?