About Me


Dear Friends,

When I entered the exciting world of culinary experiments, what intrigued me most is the diversity of cooking worldwide – each with its distinct flavor, aesthetics and nutritional value – in keeping with the agricultural, economic, social, cultural and religious scenario of the locality. This provoked experimentation.

I started off my experiments with tips from my mother and mother-in-law. Special mention should be made of my dad-in-law who never gets tired of emailing recipes to me at short notices. To resume, I soon graduated to whipping up recipes on my own. Internet, relatives and friends have been great resources too sharing what they have to enrich what I had.

I believe, in a kitchen there can never be competition. I feel, if two cooks are provided with same ingredients and recipe, even then they shall come with concoctions that taste different — the Midas touch rules in cooking. So I always believe in sharing with an open heart. In the end, the heart and hand come together like magic wands and turn mere ingredients to something delectable.

My ethnicity made me concentrate more on Bengali cuisine. Bengal, like any other part of India, has a distinct palate of its own and I grew up tasting its rich offerings. On my part, I thought of sharing all that I have collected over time since I believe that sharing of knowledge multiplies its advantages manifold.

But the list is not restricted to only that. These recipes have diverse origin – some have been handed down by elders and friends, some have been collected from other websites, some others are results of my own whim. Put together, all these would help winning one’s heart through stomach!

Would you like to join me in my experimentation?

If yes, hop on!



Participation in Media:

Contributed recipes for web magazine Palki.

Have been guest to a Foodie Show called Arvind’s Kitchen on 94.3 Radio One (Kolkata). To listen, click on these links –

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3