Tips for Making Good Kebabs

Kebabs are a popular dish among most and preparing them at home might seem an ambitious idea but believe me it is quite easy if the following golden rules are followed while preparing the kebabs.  Following these steps will help you to make kebabs that are juicy and delicious. So the steps are:


  1. Make all pastes or marinating agents before you coat the meat or chicken pieces and put them on skewers. Ensure that all the pastes, marinating agents and the meat are as dry as possible. You could do this by:


  • Squeezing out the excess water from paste or grated spices
  • Patting the pieces of meat dry before margination
  • If you are using minced meet or keema (ground meat), wash it and drain the water, then wrap the keema with thick blotting paper or paper napkin.


  1. Do not overcook the kebabs due to the fact that the meat or chicken is already marinated and overcooking might dry out the kebabs. A maximum of 35 minutes should be enough for even cooking of the kebabs.


  1. Make kebabs at the highest temperature and on “grill” or “broil” mode.


  1. Use 1 tea spoon of raw papaya paste in all non-vegetarian kebabs especially if you are using red meat like mutton, which may not be well cooked during grill.


  1. If you think that the uncooked kebabs are still soggy, roll the kebabs on bread crumbs, before grilling.


  1. Avoid adding too much spice in making the kebabs, cilantro or moderate quantity of spices helps make kebabs more flavorous and tasty.


  1. If you are not using boneless chicken, make a few deep slits on the chicken pieces.


  1. Do not discard fats from meat or chicken as they help make kebabs soft and juicy.