Besan Barfi by Nandita Sanyal

Like, any other Bengali, I too was craving for something sweet. However, due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, we, as a family, had decided not to order or buy food from outside. So, I thought of making one at home. I didn’t want to make Bengali sweets. As lazy as I am, I opted for the easy recipe. I have shared the recipe below, have a look!

(The recipe is a joint venture by the mother daughter duo.)

Nandita Sanyal is a doting mother and a loving wife. As an educator, she had transcended all boundaries and her path was not only confined to the boundaries of the classroom , but to the life of her students as well. She has exceptional administrative and leadership qualities. But above all, she is BitebyByte’s aunt. None of my school sewing work and painting assignments were ever completed without bullying her to work on them.

Anwesha Sanyal has graduated from Banaras Hindu University with a degree in Psychology. She holds a specialization in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Since, her graduation years, she always been intrigued by research and has presented papers at National and International seminars. Currently, she is working as a Project Intern in Human Resources Department at one of the leading FMCGs.



1. Gram flour – 2cups

2. Malai – 1cup

3. Sugar -1 cup

4. Water – ½ cup

5. Ghee – 2 tbsp

6. Cardamom powder – ½tsp

7. Almonds flakes – 2 tbsp




1. Knead the gram flour with malai to make dough

2. Cover the dough for 10mins

3. Pour 2 tbsp ghee in a cooking utensil

4. Put the dough in the utensil and mix uniformly with the ghee

5. Keep the flame at medium low

6. Fry till the smell comes and the colour of the gram flour changes

7. In another utensil pour sugar and water as per the amount mentioned.

8. Stir it till the sugar dissolves completely.

9. Put the ghee roasted gram flour into that sugar water

10. Stir continuously till it attains consistency of Barfi

11. Add ½ tsp of cardamom powder

12. Pour it on a greased tray and flatten it

13. Sprinkle almond flakes and press with a spoon