Taal er Baura (Asian Palmyra Palm Sweet Fritters) By Moumita Ghosh

These fritters are made from the fresh ripe juicy palm fruit. The process of making “Taler Bora” is not very easy. At first we have to take all the pulp of each palm kernels, and then boil the pulp to reduce and thicken the pulp and then have to add all the ingredients and very slowly have to fry the fritters. But the results are worth the efforts!

Moumita is a person who I met thanks to Social Media — the binding factor being love for food. Not everyone who has a site and blog (that too about food and cooking) of her own would come forward and share recipes elsewhere with generosity — Moumita is one such exception! Thank you Moumita.

Moumita Ghosh, a culinary enthusiast who maintains the food site/blog peekncook



  • Tal or Asian Sweet Palm 1 medium size
  • Grated coconut of whole medium size coconut or 3-4 cups
  • Sugar 2 cups
  • Whole Wheat Flour or Atta 2 cups
  • Semolina or Sooji 1 cup



  • At first we have to separate the kernels from the palm fruit. For this you will have to remove the top portion of the palm fruit (Taal) and then tear out the fibrous portion of the fruit.
  • The kernels will be easily visible now, so take them out. Pour very little amount of water on the kernels and squash out all the juice from the palm kernels.
  • Now take all the pulp of the Palm and pour on a non-stick pan. Now put the pan on low heat and boil to make the pulp thick. But remember to stir constantly.
  • The thickness of the pulp should be like condensed milk. When the pulp will be in condensed milk consistency, turn off the heat and let the pulp completely cool down to the room temperature.
  • Now add all the other ingredients of the list. But do not add all together. Add one by one. Add one item at a time and mix well with the thick Palm pulp.
  • Now heat enough oil in a deep frying pan. Add the mixture by each tablespoon to the oil. But remember the oil should not be so hot.
  • The fritters should be deep fried in low heat. This way the fritters will be cooked from the inside and will be crispy from the outside.
  • When the “Taler Bora” will be golden brown in colour, take them from the oil and put on a paper towel.
  • Serve when the “Taler Bora” reaches room temperature.