Thekua By Sweta Kumar

Thekua is a dried fried sweet dish, pretty popular in certain parts of India. It is often offered as prasad, especially in Chhat Puja.


I am Sweta Kumar, married to Abhishek Kumar and blessed with two loving daughters Anoushka and Anvesha. I have a Masters in Botany. I am a lover of art and am an artist myself, i have exhibited many of my paintings in Taj Bengal. But when it comes to food, baking is my passion. I can cook day and night without complaining and exhausting. I just don’t love baking but cooking all kinds of cuisine and recipies whether that’s thai curry or the authentic Bihari and Jharkhandi recipies from my aaji’s kitchen (paternal grandmother). Cooking gives me immeasurable joy and happiness. Cooking is something I can’t live without.



  • Wheat flour-2cup (Flour should be coarse. But in metro cities we dont get such flour so I have come up with an idea in which we add Dalia to the flour and mix to make it coarse)
  • Dalia-1/3 cup
  • Sugar-3/4 cup or jaggery 3/4cup (dissolve jaggery in 1/3 cup of water)
  • Ghee-1 /2cup Oil for frying Water to make the dough

1) Mix all the ingredients together and add little water at a time and make the dough very tight.

2) make small balls from the dough and flatten can make impression on the Thekua’s to give traditional look. wooden moulds are available in the market.

3) Now fry the Thekua’s on low heat slowly till golden brown.
Note- knead the dough Tight or else your Thekua’s will be chewy. Don’t fry on high flame as the The Thekua’s will burn from outside and remain Uncooked from inside. Don’t forget to add Dalia for that authentic taste.


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