Black Pepper Chicken By Aparna Bose


How about a super easy peasy chicken recipe for this weekend?? We all look for such recipe, especially during the summer months when we try to spend minimal time in the kitchen, thanks to the scorching heat.
Aparna comes to the rescue by sharing a simple Black Pepper Chicken recipe which requires spending minimum time in the kitchen ( humidity ?)

Aparna Bose is a home cook and also the Proprietor of Gograshe – a food catering organization.




chicken- 500gms
onion paste- 2tbsp
garlic paste- 1tbsp
ginger paste- 1tbsp
dried red chilli- 3/4
whole peppercorns- 7/8
salt- as per taste
sugar- optional
black pepper powder- 1tspn (adjust)
yogurt- 4tbsp
posto + kaju paste- 2 tbsp
cream – 1or 2 tbsp optional or
Ghee – optional
kasuri methi- 1tspn
bay leaf- 2 (for tempering)





Marinate the chicken pieces with all the ingredients except oil, kaju posto paste , cream or ghee and kasuri methi. Cover the bowl with a cling film and refrigerate for atleast 2 hours.

In a deep bottomed pan, heat 2 tbspn (or as required) oil. Temper with tej pata ( bay leaves) and add the chicken alongwith the marinade and cook covered on a low heat . Once the masala releases oil, mix the kaju posto paste and give it a nice stir. Add water to get the desired consistency and let it simmer for a while.

Once the chicken pieces are cooked, add cream if you want, check the seasoning, and sprinkle kasuri methi and cover the pan . Give the dish a standing time of 10 minutes atleast and then transfer it into a bowl.

Finishing this dish with a tablespoon of ghee enhances the flavour. So, if you are avoiding cream, then a dash of ghee will work just fine.