Chaal Potol/ Pointed Gourd with Aromatic Rice

From the authentic Bengali kitchens, here is another vegetarian recipe. This dish is made with potol or parwal and gobindo bhog rice in a delicious gravy. If you are looking for comfort food then you have come to the right page! This is a simple, yet delectable dish, which is completely vegetarian and devoid of even onion or garlic. Having vegetarian guests over for lunch or dinner? Serve this dish and win accolades for your cooking skills.




  1. Gobindo Bhog Rice
  2. Pointed Gourd/Potol/Parwal
  3. Bay Leaves/Tej Pata
  4. Whole Garam Masala
  5. Cumin(Jeera)-Coriander(Dhone) Paste
  6. Ginger Paste
  7. Green Chillies/Kacha Morich
  8. Raisins/Kishmish
  9. Garam Masala Paste
  10. Roasted Cumin(Jeera)- Dry Chilli( Sukno Morich) Powder
  11. Sugar, according to taste
  12. Salt, according to taste
  13. Mustard Oil
  14. Ghee



  1. Wash the gobindo bhog rice and keep it aside for later.
  2. Clean the potol and peel the skin lightly. Then cut it lengthwise into two.
  3. Heat up mustard oil in a kadai, then temper with tej pata and ground whole garam masala.
  4. Add the potol and keep frying on a low flame.
  5. When the potol goes slightly soft, add the washed rice.
  6. Next add some jeera-dhone paste and ginger paste.
  7. Add salt, slit green chillies and a little water. Cover the kadai and let it simmer.
  8. At regular intervals keep opening the lid and stirring the potol-rice mixture.
  9. When potol and rice is completely cooked, add some sugar and raisins. The level of sweetness can be according to your taste and preference.
  10. Finally, pour some ghee and garam masala paste from the top and stir in lightly.
  11. Before serving, sprinkle some roasted jeere-sukno morich powder.



  1. You can try the same recipe with cauliflower/phulkopi, beans and peas/koraishooti.
  2. You could also add small pieces of boiled and fried potatoes with the potol or phulkopi.


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